How to get Gardenscapes coins?

In Gardenscapes, coins are the in-game currency that can be used to purchase items to build and decorate your garden. Here are a few ways to get coins in the game:

  1. Complete levels: Completing levels will reward you with coins.
  2. Sale items: Selling items you don’t need will reward you with coins.
  3. Complete objectives: Some levels have objectives that will reward you with coins when completed.
  4. Daily bonus: Collecting daily bonus can reward you with coins.
  5. Special events: Occasionally, special events will be held in the game that will reward you with coins.
  6. Purchase them: You can purchase coins using real money in the game’s store.
  7. Minigames: Participating in minigames can also reward you with coins.
  8. Collect coins on levels: Coins can appear on levels, make sure you collect them when you see them.

Keep in mind that you can also earn coins by using power-ups or boosters on levels, and by participating in minigames. Also, it’s important to remember that coins can be also used to purchase lives and power-ups, so you should think carefully before spending them.

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