How to get jackpot in Gardenscapes?

In Gardenscapes, a jackpot is a reward that can be won by completing a certain task or objective. Here are a few ways to get a jackpot in the game:

  1. Complete levels: Some levels have jackpot as a reward for completing them.
  2. Special events: Occasionally, special events will be held in the game that will reward you with a jackpot.
  3. Minigames: Some minigames can reward you with a jackpot.
  4. Purchase them: You can purchase jackpot using real money or in-game currency in the game’s store.

Keep in mind that jackpot can give you a large amount of coins, stars, boosters, or even power-ups. It’s important to use them wisely as they can be very helpful in completing levels and building your garden. Also, the jackpot rewards can vary depending on the event or level, so it’s a good idea to check the game’s objectives and rewards before starting to play.

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