How to get trophies in Gardenscapes?

In Gardenscapes, trophies are rewards that can be earned by completing certain tasks or objectives. Here are a few ways to get trophies in the game:

  1. Complete levels: Some levels have trophies as a reward for completing them.
  2. Complete objectives: Some levels have objectives that will reward you with trophies when completed.
  3. Special events: Occasionally, special events will be held in the game that will reward you with trophies.
  4. Minigames: Some minigames can reward you with trophies.
  5. Purchase them: You can purchase trophies using real money or in-game currency in the game’s store.

Keep in mind that the trophies can be earned by completing different type of objectives, such as completing a number of levels, finding a specific number of items, or achieving a certain score. Also, some trophies can give you access to special items or levels, and they can be displayed on a leaderboard or in your profile to show off your achievements to your friends or other players.

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