How to make boosters in Gardenscapes?

In Gardenscapes, boosters are power-up items that can be used to help you clear levels more easily. Here are a few ways to make boosters in the game:

  1. Matching four or more pieces: Matching four or more pieces in a line or square will create a booster.
  2. Using coins: You can use coins to purchase boosters in the game’s store.
  3. Completing objectives: Some levels have objectives that will reward you with boosters when completed.
  4. Daily bonus: Collecting daily bonus can reward you with boosters.
  5. Special events: Occasionally, special events will be held in the game that will reward you with boosters.

Keep in mind that boosters are limited-use items and you’ll need to purchase or earn more of them in order to use them again once you’ve used them.

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