Puzzle Page Crossword October 1 2019 Answers

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1a. Noisy bluish bird: JAY
1d. Caribbean island: JAMAICA
2. Muslim veil: YASHMAK
3a. Fairylike, bewitching: MAGICAL
3d. Official city head: MAYOR
4. Cheese like Edam: GOUDA
5. Slightly foggy: MISTY
6. Bring together: UNIFY
7. Unending existence: IMMORTALITY
8. Raiders of the Lost Ark hero: INDIANA
9. Gave in: YIELDED
10. Accept as true: ACKNOWLEDGE
11. Opposite of Alpha: OMEGA
12. Seep: LEACH
13. Red cosmetic: ROUGE
14. Grant, prize: AWARD
15. Tomb inscription: EPITAPH
16. ‘Joining’ word: AND

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