Puzzle Page Crossword October 2 2019 Answers

Hello! Here you can see solutions for Puzzle Page Crossword October 2 2019. If you need more answers for puzzle page game follow main page link below photo. Enjoy the game with Cluest!

1. Very young woman: GIRL
2. Bits and pieces: ODDSANDENDS
3. Provided food: FED
4. Doctor’s aid: STETHOSCOPE
5. Decorative maple tree: ACER
6. Violin bow (inf): FIDDLESTICK
7a. Clean teeth with thread: FLOSS
7d. Orchestral wind instrument: FLUTE
8. Bird bringer of babies?: STORK
9. English romantic poet John: KEATS
10. Wrap around completely: ENVELOP
11. Brought comfort to: EASED
12. Shaft connecting wheels: AXLE
13. Measures of land: ACRES
14. Major currency: EURO
15. Work to be done: JOB
16. Heavy clumsy boots (inf): CLODHOPPERS

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