Where is the cab place in GTA 5?

In Grand Theft Auto V, the cab company is named “Yellow Cab Co.” and they can be found at various locations throughout the game’s map, including:

  1. Los Santos International Airport
  2. Vinewood, on Vinewood Boulevard
  3. Strawberry, on the corner of Davis Avenue and Strawberry Avenue
  4. Rockford Hills, on Rockford Drive
  5. Little Seoul, on the corner of Power Street and Elgin Avenue
  6. Vespucci Beach, on Vespucci Boulevard
  7. Paleto Bay, on Paleto Boulevard
  8. and many more locations in the Los Santos map.

You can hail a Yellow Cab Co. taxi by pressing down on the D-pad on consoles or the T button on PC, and you can also call a taxi from your phone by going to Contacts > Taxi.

It’s important to note that the locations of these taxi stands might change and they might not be present in the same location in the future updates or DLC.

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